About us

The mission of Get Battered Fish & Chips is to cook and serve the best fish & chips around, while introducing other English specialties such as Bangers & Mash, Pork Pies, Shepherd’s Pies, Pasties, and more.

Alex Stokeld started Get Battered in May 2007 after years of dreaming about a chippie in his hometown Denver. He spent most of his summers growing up in England visiting his massive family(His dad was one of sixteen children). Naturally, he fell in love with fish & chips, especially in places like Brighton, Lowestoft, and Whitby.

He realized that he couldn't spend $800 every time he had a craving for fish & chips, so he opened his own fish and chip shop in Denver. The search for the perfect location took a few months and as soon as the lease was signed, Alex picked up a hammer and went straight to work.

Converting a computer shop into a restaurant was not a simple task but after 4 months a restaurant was built.